About KC Grifant

rolleiflex trix kodakKC Grifant’s fiction work has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (cover story), Lovecraft eZine, Electric Spec Magazine, Horror Bites Magazine, and a number of anthologies list below. She is the founding co-chair of the Horror Writers Association San Diego Chapter (read more here).

In 2016 her story “Better Halves” appeared in the Stoker Award-nominated Fright Mare: Women Write Horror. One review states, “A haunting tale of a woman losing herself, filled with beautiful imagery this is juxtaposed with the terror of what is happening. A real blast back into the book for me.”

In between spinning tales of speculative horror, science fiction and mythological fantasy, KC works as an award-winning science writer and editor. She likes to haunt coffee shops, comic stores, labyrinths and carnivals. Say hi on Twitter: @scifiwri or visit her on Amazon.

Stories included in recent anthologies:

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