Recent Interviews

→Editor Rebecca Rowland interviews KC Grifant on horror writing 

I chat with Rebecca Rowland, editor of Shadowy Natures: Tales of Psychological Horror on horror writing and inspirations.

Speculative Fiction, Cosmic Horror, and Weird Western Author KC Grifant Interview

Fellow horror author Nico Bell and I discuss all flavors of SF/F writing in this print interview.

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine: KC Grifant on speculative fiction and the writing process

Science fiction editor Eugen M Bacon interviewed me for the “Authors Unearthed” feature in the Australian-based, award-winning Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

Legion of Leia: KC Grifant on California Screamin’ and the Horror Genre

Fellow horror writer Dr. Billy San Juan interviewed me on the topic of horror, how I got into writing and my story in the upcoming anthology California Screamin’, (featuring 14 horror stories that take place in Southern California).