Recent Interviews:

Cheers Dears author podcast

I was delighted to be interviewed by S. Faxon’s Cheers Dears authors’ podcast on books that stay with us, available here.

Multiple interviews for the release of The One That Got Away

→Editor Rebecca Rowland interviews KC Grifant on horror writing 

Interview by Rebecca Rowland, editor of Shadowy Natures: Tales of Psychological Horror, on horror writing and inspirations.

Speculative Fiction, Cosmic Horror, and Weird Western Author KC Grifant Interview

    Interview by Nico Bell on all flavors of SF/F writing in this print interview.

    Andromeda Spaceways Magazine: KC Grifant on speculative fiction and the writing process

    Interview by Science fiction editor Eugen M Bacon for the “Authors Unearthed” feature in the Australian-based, award-winning Andromeda Spaceways Magazine.

    Legion of Leia: KC Grifant on California Screamin’ and the Horror Genre

    Interview by Dr. Billy San Juan on the topic of horror.