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“What the Storm Brings” (left) and “Better Halves” (right)

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Better Halves

Something wasn’t quite right, but Anne couldn’t place it. At first she thought it was the weather, casting a gloomy sheen over their summer beach trip.

Published in The Lovecraft eZine issue #36, See Through My Eyes and Macabre Museum, issue #1.

Comfort Zone

In a near-future world, Mar must deal with her daughter and a stranger undergoing an experimental procedure called “Switching” in an attempt to to make society more empathic.

Published in Mythaxis Magazine.

What the Storm Brings

Rose is all set for the superstorm about to hit Boston. What she didn’t prepare for was a mysterious stranger who arrives at the same time.

Published in The Lovecraft eZine issue #34, the Stoker-nominated Fright Mare: Women Write Horror, Horror Bites Magazine issue #1 and Strange Happenings.

Minor Malfunction

Maddy can’t wait to show off her new prosthetic limb–until things start to go wrong.

Published in The One That Got Away: Women of Horror Volume 3.

Maternal Bond

Postpartum paranoia and isolation chip at a new mom’s sanity as an outside threat pushes her over the edge.

Published in Shadowy Natures: Stories of Psychological Horror.

The Peerlings

An off-world colony’s members begin to vanish once elusive creatures–who can only safely be heard, not seen–descend upon their home. 

Published in Beyond the Infinite – Tales from the Outer Reaches. “The Peerlings” is also available for a free listen at the podcast series Tales to Terrify, episode 354.

A Dusty Arrival

Melinda and Lance must fight off cannibalistic mind-controlling creatures before they wipe out a town.

Published as the cover story for the award-winning Australia-based magazine Andromeda Spaceways Magazine issue #70. and in Uchronia: Alternate Histories & Alternate Worlds.

*This story was also cited in Writing Speculative Fiction: Creative and Critical Approaches, a resourse for writing speculative fiction.


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