Featured Stories

Better Halves (15-minute read)


Something wasn’t quite right, but Anne couldn’t place it. At first she thought it was the weather, casting a gloomy sheen over their summer beach trip.

Originally published in The Lovecraft eZine issue #36. Reprinted in the ghost mystery collection See Through My Eyes.



What the Storm Brings (20-minute read)


Rose is all set for the superstorm about to hit Boston. What she didn’t prepare for was a mysterious stranger that arrives at the same time.

Originally published in The Lovecraft eZine issue #34. Reprinted in the Stoker-nominated Fright Mare: Women Write Horror and Horror Bites Magazine issue #1.



The Peerlings (20-minute read, paywall)

Beyond the Infinite

An off-world colony’s members begin to vanish once elusive creatures–who can only safely be heard, not seen–descend upon their home. 

Originally published in the scifi horror collection Beyond the Infinite – Tales from the Outer Reaches.

Also available at the British podcast series Tales to Terrify, episode 354.



A Dusty Arrival (15-minute read, paywall)

ASM 70 Cover

Melinda and Lance must fight off cannibalistic mind-controlling creatures before they wipe out a town.

Originally published as the cover story for the award-winning Australia-based magazine Andromeda Spaceways Magazine issue #70. Reprinting in Hex Gunslinger: A Weird Western Anthology (2019).


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