What the Storm Brings



Rosie had a venerable collection of talismans for emergency readiness, the most impressive of which was her waterproof to-go knapsack. In the straining nylon, objects of survival interlocked like a box puzzle: a water bottle, batteries, socks, bar soap, toothpaste, two cans of navy beans with the easy lift-off top, candles, and a lighter. 

On her coffee table, a flashlight rose singular and stark, a miniature testament to her readiness, a silo of technological fortitude. She had been lucky to get it. Yesterday, under a sky bloated with the weight of the impending storm, she had fled from store to store ravished by panicked consumers, finally spotting a corner of a flashlight’s plastic casing that had slipped behind a rack of sympathy cards at the pharmacy.


This story and illustration first appeared in the Lovecraft eZine issue #34, and was subsequently reprinted in the Stoker-nominated anthology FRIGHT MARE – Women Write Horror and Stitched Smile Publication’s Hydrophobia, a charity anthology to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.