What the Storm Brings

“What the Storm Brings”

Rosie had a venerable collection of talismans for emergency readiness, the most impressive of which was her waterproof to-go knapsack. In the straining nylon, objects of survival interlocked like a box puzzle: a water bottle, batteries, socks, bar soap, toothpaste, two cans of navy beans with the easy lift-off top, candles, and a lighter. 

On her coffee table, a flashlight rose singular and stark, a miniature testament to her readiness, a silo of technological fortitude. She had been lucky to get it. Yesterday, under a sky bloated with the weight of the impending storm, she had fled from store to store ravished by panicked consumers, finally spotting a corner of a flashlight’s plastic casing that had slipped behind a rack of sympathy cards at the pharmacy.

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This story and illustration first appeared in the Lovecraft eZine issue #34 and was subsequently reprinted in the Stoker-nominated anthology FRIGHT MARE – Women Write Horror; Stitched Smile Publication’s Hydrophobia; and the inaugural issue of Horror Bites Magazine.


[This] is an intelligent horror story that reads like a parable for mental illness and homelessness…This story will leave you with a cloying sense of fragility that is hard to shake. Truly a great short story.

Signal Horizons review (excerpt)

A haunting tale of a woman losing herself, filled with beautiful imagery this is juxtaposed with the terror of what is happening. A real blast back into the book for me.

Amazon review

K.C.’s tale could have been the basis for an episode of Rod Serling’s classic, “Twilight Zone.”

Lovecraft eZine reader

This story has a real bite to it…As Stephen King said, the artistic value of the work of horror lies in “its ability to form a liaison between our fantasy fears and our real fears,” and by that measure, you have succeeded very well.

Lovecraft eZine reader