The Weird West World of Doomtown

Posted: April 28, 2016 in games, Weird West


A board game + poker + Weird Wild West = what’s not to love? That about sums AEG‘s Doomtown Reloaded game, which is was a one-on-one battle for Wild West town dominance through character and land card abilities, board maneuvers and shootouts via poker hands. Add in a slew of colorful and quirky characters–law dogs, abominations, outlaws and mystics–and it’s not just a game, but a world.

I recently had a chance to write several short fiction pieces to accompany previews of new cards. It was a lot of fun and my first time writing for a board game!

Read “Satiating the Darkness” – A Showstopper Conclusion.


Read “Rites of the Smoking Mirror.”


Read: “Speaks-with-Earth.”
The full backlog of Doomtown stories are here.


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