2020 in Review: Writing and Publishing

Posted: December 31, 2020 in Announcement, writing
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2020. I don’t think any more needs to be said about the year that will haunt many of us for a lifetime. Here’s hoping we can bring about a healthier, safer and kinder world in 2021.

This was a productive year of writing for me, even though it didn’t feel like it. Writing was an escape from the news and world events; writing was the only way I felt like I was able to survive this year’s chaos and uncertainty without completely losing my mind.

I wrote seven new short stories (down 50% from last year), mostly at the beginning of the year. Though I wasn’t able to attend workshops or conferences this year, and skipped NaNoWriMo, the time at home let me focus on some bigger projects I had on the back burner. Once the pandemic hit and I started working from home full-time and having a toddler home all day (read more about how having a kid helped me with writing in last year’s recap here). I switched to tackling two novels I’ve had in the works and finally finished them (!). I also made progress on a new one and had several acceptances of new stories and reprints.

Also, as this year illustrated how important it is to stay connected, I started a newsletter to keep readers better informed. You can sign up here.

Year-End Roundup

I had 6 acceptances this year, fairly similar to 2019. Reprints included my flash horror story “Protection” to the Sirens Call eZine Halloween/Fall 2020 issue (pdf), and a horror holiday story, “A Cup of Holiday Cheer,” to the Sirens Call eZine December 2020 issue (pdf). “What Storms Bring,” was republished in the San Diego Guild’s 2020 anthology, Strange Happenings. Finally, my horror scifi story, “Minor Malfunction,” will be reprinted in The One That Got Away – Women of Horror Anthology Vol. 3 by Kandisha Press.

New stories accepted in 2020 included two weird westerns. “Dream Bugs” to Gypsum Sound Tales COLP’s charity issue, Amongst Friends, with proceeds benefiting the Australian bush fires in January. This weird western tale featured my reoccurring characters, gunslinging Melinda and Lance, who battle monsters in the Old West. “Death’s Horse,” a standalone story featuring Melinda facing off against her nemesis-turned-Zombie, was featured in Six Guns Straight From Hell 3: Horror & Dark Fantasy From the Weird, Weird West.

Lastly, Shadowy Natures: Tales of Psychological Horror came out in March with a good amount of buzz, featuring the debut of my horror story “Maternal Bond.” You can read more about the piece and the collection, along with reviews, here.

As always, I am incredibly grateful for the writing and editing community. This year, I am especially grateful for the technologies that allowed us to stay connected, and to the scientists and medical care workers who worked tirelessly on the frontlines of the pandemic.

I hope the coming year leads to fresh starts, new stories, and a safer year for everyone.

Happy 2021! 

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