“From Sea to Shining Sea” in Field Notes from a Nightmare anthology

Posted: November 5, 2021 in Announcement, anthology, short stories, writing
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***Update! You can purchase the anthology or read reviews at these links: Publisher’s Shop | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads.

My short climate fiction story, “From Sea to Shining Sea,” appears in Dread Stone Press’ FIELD NOTES FROM A NIGHTMARE anthology.

Description from the editor: Pollution. Extinction. Warming. Sea Levels rising…Mother Nature heard our crimes and found us guilty. Field Notes from a Nightmare is an anthology of ecological horror, containing 18 stories from some of the strongest voices in indie horror. Edited by Alex Ebenstein with a foreword from New York Times-Bestselling author Tim Lebbon. Cover art and interior illustrations by David Bowman.

Read more about the anthology from Dread Stone Press here.

Stories from:

  • A.K. Dennis
  • Alexis DuBon
  • Jonathan Louis Duckworth
  • Eddie Generous
  • KC Grifant
  • S.L. Harris
  • Tim Hoelscher
  • Tom Jolly
  • Gwen C. Katz
  • Joanna Koch
  • Carter Lappin
  • Nikki R. Leigh
  • J.R. McConvey
  • Matthew Pritt
  • Eric Raglin
  • Sara Tantlinger
  • Gordon B. White
  • Alex Woodroe

Editor’s note:

Field Notes from a Nightmare is a print and e-book anthology about environmental and ecological horrors. Though some still try, there is no denying that humans have and continue to drastically alter the earth and its environment. Climate change, pollution, suburban sprawl, deforestation, etc. What horrors have/will we see as a result? How will Mother Nature fight back in a struggle for survival?

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