Scifi story “Cynscout” in the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) magazine

Posted: August 5, 2022 in Announcement, science fiction, short stories, technology, writing
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I’m honored to have my scifi story, “Cynscout,” debut in the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA)’s magazine! Edited by Eugen Bacon and Gene Rowe, Fission issue #2 Volume 1 is now available for purchase.

“Fission #2 Vol 1 deftly plays with the evocative and provocative. There are nuanced beats of light and dark, that entertain and exhilarate in perfect harmony. Highly recommended.”

–Andrew Hook, British Fantasy Award-winning editor and author of Frequencies of Existence 

“Cynscout” is about a fused owner-and-pet consciousness trying to survive the apocalypse and carry out their grim mission to usher in the end of the world. You can read an excerpt below.


Read more in Fission #2!

And if you’re inclined, check out BFSA’s great work and activities at their website:

Their official description: The BSFA was created by a group of fans in 1958, and was soon established and run as an official national body by readers, authors, critics, editors, booksellers and publishers with the aim of appreciating and encouraging science fiction in every form. Today, the BSFA is a vibrant and growing national organisation of science fiction writers, readers and scholars. We maintain an active discussion on Facebook and are regularly tweeting and retweeting about science fiction in all its forms.

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