Weird West novelette “Old Habits” now available

Posted: August 31, 2022 in Announcement, anthology, horror, short stories, Weird West
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Surreal western book cover.

My Weird Western story, “Old Habits,” is now available in Queer Weird West Tales (QWWT)! Edited by Julie Bozza, the anthology is a diverse collection of international Weird West adventures.

“Old Habits” description

To save her girlfriend from a monster’s infectious venom, Topaz must confront her tumultuous past and ask the last person in the world she wants to see for help—her ex.

Topaz is a side character in my upcoming novel MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER. She was so dynamic and intriguing, she practically demanded a spotlight in her own story. This tale focuses on Topaz’s adventures after the novel, expanding on her newfound love as she faces a reckoning with her past.

Anthology description from the publisher

Frontiers have always attracted the Other – where they find that the Other is always already there. These 22 stories explore what happens when queer characters encounter weirdness on the edge of the worlds they know.

Authors include: Julie Bozza, J.A. Bryson, Dannye Chase, S.E. Denton, Miguel Flores, Adele Gardner, Roy Gray, KC Grifant, Peter Hackney, Bryn Hammond, Narrelle M Harris, Justin Warren Jackson, Toshiya Kamei, Catherine Lundoff, Bunny McFadden, Angus McIntyre, Atlin Merrick, Eleanor Musgrove, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Lauren Scharhag, Sara L. Uckelman, and Dawn Vogel.

Early reviews

A bunch of well-constructed stories that deconstruct – and re-construct – the Western! Hugely enjoyable.

Read the full review by Bryn Hammond on Goodreads

Bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Read the full review by Matt Womble of Liverpool on Runalong The Shelves

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Read excerpts:

Read the Weird West Author Spotlight with editor Julie Bozza.


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