It’s October, the best month! When when the “Halloween People” come out to play and when the pumpkin spice flows freely. I hope you’re finding fun and spooky ways to celebrate.

Read on for book updates, my first reading of the season and a new article on Weird West writing tips. As always, I hope your bookshelves have been full and your reading time uninterrupted!

New article! 5 Tips For Writing a Horror Weird Western

My article, “5 Tips for Writing a Horror Weird Western,” is now live on The Horror Tree! You can read it here:

There’s no doubt about it: there has been a recent surge in historical horror fiction, especially in the “Weird West” category. Maybe you’ve read a recent anthology featuring horror tales that take place in the Old West or come across “splatter westerns.” Whatever the case, the Weird West genre is making a comeback. Read on for more about this fascinating genre as well as tips for writing your own weird western.

Read more at the Horror Tree


Cover reveal

In case you missed it, the cover reveal for MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER came out a few weeks ago! I have been a huge fan of UK-based Carrion House, so I was thrilled he was able to do the cover (check out more of his amazing artwork here). Luke perfectly captured the vibe and style I was hoping for. The book will be coming out from Brigids Gate Press in Feb 2023. You can stay updated on the preorder date by signing up for newsletter alerts.

ARCs available

Digital versions of Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) are now available for professional reviewers! If you qualify and would like a pdf, please message me here or learn more about the book here.

Sneak peek reading

I also had the honor of participating in a “sneak peek” reading of MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER with several other authors from this publisher at the Buzz Books Expo 2022. Buzz Book Expo is a free live virtual event that focuses on upcoming horror books. You can watching the entire Expo video here for free: The Brigids Gate Press section starts right before the third hour (~2:58).

Upcoming Story Releases

  • “All Aboard” in Orchard 34 – Fall (horror)
  • “The Fall of Denfanas Manor” in WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE – Fall 2022 (weird west)
  • SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED! New Weird West story, 2023
  • SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED! Holiday horror story, anthology date TBD

Free Reads

Here’s a recap of recent free short horror story reads:

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