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It’s been a busy summer, with lots of updates. Let’s dive in!


My scifi horror story, “Odd Colleagues,” debuted this month in Dark Matter Magazine issue 010, featuring an insecure scientist and her encounter with an alien. I highly recommend this magazine for fans of dark scifi. They offer both a digital and print version and a truly unique cover! Details here:

FREE Audio Horror Story: U Train

BIG news: my cosmic weird horror short story, “U-Train,” won the Sley House Publishing podcast competition! It was produced into a dramatic podcast production and will appear in their Halloween anthology this fall. The 36-minute audio piece is available now, and I could not be more pleased with how actors brought the characters came to life. Listen for free at one of the links:


MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER is a feminist Weird Western horror adventure about a stoic sharpshooter, Melinda, and her easygoing partner, Lance, debuting in February from Brigids Gate Press. I’m diving into book edits this week and it still feels unreal. This is my first book, so I’m learning about (and enjoying!) each step of the production process. Read about the book concept here.

In the meantime, I have an epic short story featuring the post-book adventures of one of the side characters debuting in QUEER WEIRD WEST TALES. The anthology is available to preorder now and will be available at the end of August. There’s also other one-off adventures featuring Melinda and Lance currently under review in other anthologies.

Early Praise For “The Color of Friendship” in CHROMOPHOBIA

KC Grifant’s “The Color of Friendship” conjures impressive atmosphere as a woman continually looks for whatever is swimming in a nearby lake during her friends’ weekend getaway. 

Kirkus Review

“The Color of Friendship,” a mean-girls type of creature feature, debuts in the color-themed horror anthology CHROMOPHOBIA later this summer. So far, the stories are getting stellar early reviews.

Select Open Calls for Horror, Scifi, Speculative Short Stories – July 2022

Do You BookBub?

I recently discovered BookBub as a great site for finding discount books and reading recommendations. If you’re on it, I would love to connect with you at KC Grifant

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Sley House Publishing presents its first-ever scripted audio drama, my weird horror short story, “U-Train.” I could not be more pleased with the voice actors and production. Big thanks to Sley House and the team! Read below for links to listen for free and a story description.

Listen for free:

“U Train” description:

Four strangers find themselves on a New York subway platform, waiting on a train that shouldn’t exist. But as they try to find out why they’re there and how they might escape, they realize that when the train arrives, a fate worse than death might be waiting for them.

The story was inspired by far too many hellish city commutes and what felt like eternal waiting for transfers

“U Train” will also be available in Halloween Tales of Sley House 2022 later this fall along with other spooky stories. You can also listen to more of Sley House’s podcast, Sley Bits, on all things horror and fantasy –

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