Free sci-fi horror short story on Big Foot – THE SIGHTING in Stupefying Magazine

Posted: March 28, 2023 in Announcement, flash fiction, horror, science fiction, short stories

Artwork by Dan Wroblewski

My bite-sized, sci-fi horror story, “The Sighting,” has published in Stupefying Stories. This short tale follows the exploits of determined Big Foot hunters and their promising approach to ID’ing the monster.

You can read it for free, along with other short tales, here:

About Stupefying Stories

Stupefying Stories is an online magazine founded by Bruce and Karen Bethke. Bruce Bethke is the award-winning science fiction writer known for his 1980 short story, “Cyberpunk,” and his 1995 Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel, Headcrash

Excerpt of “The Sighting” by KC Grifant

a close-up face

Read the rest at Stupefying Stories for free.

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