Near-future horror story, “All Aboard,” in 34 Orchard Magazine

Posted: November 15, 2022 in Announcement, horror, short stories, writing
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I’m honored that my horror pandemic story, “All Aboard,” debuts in 34 Orchard Magazine issue #6, a publication described as “a literary journal that takes you dark places.”

In “All Aboard,” a new pandemic forces those people to carry out their quarantine at sea, where strangers are less than charitable. You can download the entire issue as a pdf for free at

Description from the editor: A shocking occurrence unmasks a professor and a ne’er-do-well covers up the truth. A machine exposes the past and lies linger between a dinner’s courses. A bijou boogeyman unleashes a daughter’s rage while ordinary colors and unusual mattresses strip away the pretense of composure. In Issue 6, seventeen artists brood on the secrets we keep, and what happens when they are exposed.

Table of Contents:
Cover Art: Ophelia’s Last Secret – Robert Cedergren
Shrike Song – Zachary Kellian
The Beginning of You – Samantha Bryant
The Gritter – Kurt Newton
The Baron of the Rails – Douglas Ford
The Dusk of Day-shapes – David H. West
And Satyrs Shall Dance There – John Berbrich
The Yakshi Next Door – Hareendran Kallinkeel
Head – Mark Steensland
Memory Foam – Rowan Hill
Her Color – Grace Rolen
Step on a Crack – Jake Jerome
Birthday Dinner, May 28. – Jennifer Judge
All Aboard – KC Grifant
Young People in Love – Sam Lesek
Ugly Cinderella – Molly Greer
Insert Name Here – J. Paul Ross
Get your copy at today!

Read more in issue #6.

  1. I love 34 Orchard! I have issue 6 right now, but I haven’t gotten to your story (yet!). Congratulations!

  2. […] Near-future horror story, “All Aboard,” in 34 Orchard Magazine […]

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