Introducing the cover for MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER

Posted: September 23, 2022 in Announcement, books, horror, Melinda West, Weird West
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I’m beyond excited to reveal the cover of MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER, coming in February 2023 from Brigids Gate Press. I have always been a fan of UK-based Carrion House’s artwork, so I was thrilled to see how Luke would interpret the vibe and story (check out more of his amazing artwork here). Aside from the compelling, creepy imagery, the intriguing font also immediately drew me in. Needless to say, I couldn’t have imagined a better cover for this story!

MELINDA WEST: MONSTER GUNSLINGER is an adult monster fantasy adventure set in an alternative Old West featuring gunslingers, diverse characters and a menagerie of nightmarish critters, with Bonnie & Clyde + Witcher + Supernatural vibes. Aside from creating a fun horror fantasy adventure, I aimed to reframe some of the typical depictions of the Old West and build a world where women and diverse characters take center stage.

When monsters roam the Old West, there is one gunslinging couple who can tilt the odds in favor of humanity. Stoic sharpshooter Melinda and her easygoing partner Lance are pros at fighting everything from giant flying scorpions to psychic bugs. But when they accidentally release a demon that steals souls, they find themselves caught in a supernatural war. Melinda and Lance must battle a menagerie of monsters and hunt a notorious outlaw to save their friends and stop hell on Earth. 

If you’re intrigued, sign up here for updates. Pre-orders will around the end of December.

  1. I love the cover! Signing up for updates.:-)

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