Cosmic horror story “The U Train” in Tales of Sley House 2022

Posted: December 7, 2022 in Announcement, anthology, horror, Lovecraft, short stories
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My cosmic horror story, “The U Train,” appears in Tales of Sley House 2022, now available! This anthology features lots of unsettling and creepy horror stories divided into three themes.

In “The U Train,” four strangers find themselves on a subway platform, waiting on a train that shouldn’t exist. But as they try to find out why they’re there and how they might escape, they realize that when the train arrives, a fate worse than death might be waiting for them.

The story was also produced as an audio drama, which you can listen to for free at one of the links below.

Listen to “The U Train” for free: 

Excerpt of “The U Train” in Tales of Sley House:

Read more in Tales of Sley House 2022, which you can order from the publisher or your favorite retailer.

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